Concurrent sessions

Concurrent Session 1 – Wednesday, 13 September, 2:30pm

Speaker: Jennifer Mahony – Fairway Resolution

Future-focused facilitation for better relationships

Workplace relationship issues can be pervasive, and they often lead to costly workplace toxicity and eventual staff attrition.  A facilitative, transformative process approach can often lead to a positive outcome in the employment setting. It is also a style that can be used effectively and early with in-house skill and expertise. Through a mixed model of conflict coaching, mediation preparation (including extensive pre-mediation individual discussion) and facilitated, collaborative meetings, this model focuses on:

  • Educating and equipping the parties with skill and ability to manage current and future conflict;
  • Assisting the parties to find insight into their own conflict and behavioural styles and how these may contribute to conflict
  • Understanding the lived history and perspective of the other parties;
  • Assisting parties in a guided, facilitated way to determine together, “Where to from here?”;
  • Putting together concrete and pragmatic plans and processes for beginning to rebuild trust and safe communication;
  • Working through past conflict as part of isolating core issues and interests so that the parties can resolve those and move forward; and
  • Working through and promoting better/positive team dynamics the goal of this work is not to be the end of the dispute, but rather the beginning of the self-determined resolution and rebuilding of trust and emotional safety.

The presentation includes a discussion of case studies, specific processes, and practical guidelines for helping parties in workplace conflict move forward together to rebuild and grow their relationships.

Speaker: Iain Fraser

3 + 5 = a huge step forward for your organisation!

To capture success, ultimately, every organization should thrive with a culture that embraces its purpose, people, and performance (or the “3Ps to Success”), so that aligned activity and empowered people can achieve the confidence to deploy new ways of working that adds value to the organization.

Using his vast experience and some extracts from his recently published book, Iain will deliver a provocative and engaging discussion using the conference theme to the maximum. The presentation will share and explore five steps for transforming towards an organization that is adaptive, flexible and future ready. This in a manner that sustains an increased value contribution to overall performance.

The presentation of the five steps will be blended with core themes around a value management framework, and organizational change management. Case study examples will illuminate in-depth discussions explaining the value management framework, implementation and delivery techniques, key roles and professional development, and change management. Also included is an overview of organizational maturity models to evaluate human performance as well as tools and techniques to implement, execute, and measure their benefits and value contribution. The huge opportunities for supporting functions should become obvious as the discussion unfolds and the dialogue deepens.

Speaker: Terry Williams

Engage people; improve results

Want better returns from your people?  Terry’s session will aim to unlock the keys to success within your organisation by harnessing the greatness that is your people.

Concurrent Session 2 – Wednesday, 13 September, 3:50pm

Speaker: Joanna Baker

How companies can utilise programmatic advertising and social media in the recruitment space

As the media market fragments, simply placing an ad on a job board is no longer enough to ensure your company reaches the right talent. A strategy that includes social media and targeted digital delivery is the way of the future. Joanna will share some ideas and examples for your future recruitment campaigns.

Joanna suggests, in the current digital age awash with social media, HR professionals must think like a marketer to build a compelling employer brand. It’s a competitive market and attracting talent is as important for business success as attracting buyers. Now more than ever, tech-savvy job seekers look online to find a new role. Further to this – the perfect talent for your business may not even be active job seekers. So how do you find them?

Joanna Baker explains why businesses should make the most of tools available to them, including social media and programmatic advertising. These digital tools could make all the difference in finding not just good, but great talent for your business

Speakers: Sarah Gibson & Blair Loveday

Designing for Impact

Redvespa is not your typical consultancy. Our North star is based on an Agile approach and delivery of our strategy is aligned with a 20 year year Vision, Purpose and Values connected to our social purpose. Our belief in the value of Culture and Knowledge in our business drove the creation of roles with that very focus and creating a fresh vibe at the C-suite table. These roles are rarely seen in organisations of this size, more common in larger organisations. Sarah (CEO) and Blair (CCO) will talk about why purpose + talent + model are vital for transforming both leadership teams and your business. They will explain the importance of collaboration and getting the right people in the room and capitalizing on diverse perspectives and expertise. This inspired the design and implementation of their new Way of Working (WoW). They will share their insights in the shift away from the hierarchical business model towards cross-functional “networks of teams” that support and encourage agility and knowledge sharing – and most importantly, is more attuned to putting our people first in our company and creating an awesome “employee experience”.

Speaker: Gil Sewell

Caring Leadership

EQ has been proven to make the difference between the most successful leaders and the rest, but in many tough business environments, there is a low tolerance for demonstrations of emotion and connection. Over the last decade or so, neuroscience has confirmed the profound importance of relatedness for humans, with no exception identified for people in the workplace. So, how can you show you care as a leader without incurring the “fluffy” label? What makes up caring leadership? How do you set up systems and processes that show care for your people? People like to feel cared for in a way that lines up with their own preferences, values and expectations.  One size will never fit all.

This conversation will explore the concept of Caring Leadership and touch on a number of common models and approaches to stimulate ideas for actions, activities and approaches to be the caring leader your team and organisation need.

Concurrent Session 3 – Thursday, 14th September, 11:55 am

Speaker: Bernie White

Leading from Everywhere – Activating Hidden Influencers

People have a lot to say about leadership. A Google search on ‘leadership’ yields over 500 million hits. Amazon lists 77,000 books on the topic. A massive industry has emerged to help with leadership development. There seems to be an increasing body of knowledge for leaders to understand about leadership.

But herein lies the paradox. Has anyone noticed that as ever-more diet books are published, our society has become more obese? Similarly, CEO churn has never been greater than it is right now. Also, the Edelmann Trust Barometer has shown significant drops in the level of trust in leaders. There appears to be little compelling justification for the investment in current leadership development.

Speaker: Kate Daly

Diversity Leadership

Fletcher Building is one of New Zealand’s largest Companies operating in 40 countries and employing over 20,000 people.  Kate has led the development and implementation of the Fletcher Building Diversity Strategy over the past four years.

Their achievements include:

  • Significant improvements in gender diversity across the Company, and in particular at Senior Management level
  • The development of bespoke leadership programme, Whakatupu, which was designed to improve the pipeline of Maori leaders within Fletcher Building
  • A foundation partner for TupuToa – an internship programme designed to increase the number of Maori and Pasifika graduates gaining employment in the Corporate sector
  • Being first Company in the Construction and Building Materials sector in New Zealand to achieve the Rainbow tick accreditation.
  • Foundation partner of Global Women and the First Foundation
  • Long term member of Diversity Works NZ
  • Youth in employment strategy developed and implemented in partnership with Ministry of Social Development and Te Puni Kokiri to provide employment opportunities to youth who may not have a clear path to employment.

Speaker: Chris Till

Chartered Membership

HRINZ is moving into a new world. Now we’d like our members and the HR profession to come with us, to drive our profession to the next level of quality and integrity.  In April 2017 HRINZ completed the process of transferring all of its current members to our new Chartered membership model.  In this session Chris Till, Chief Executive will explain what this means to you, how this will benefit your organisation, highlight how being a Chartered member makes you more valuable, the requirements to becoming chartered and more importantly how to become a Chartered Member.

Concurrent Session 4 – Thursday, 14th September, 1:35 pm

Speakers: Bev Cassidy MacKenzie and Fezeela Raza

Inclusive Leadership

To flourish, today’s businesses need to reap the benefits of a diverse market, diverse customers, diverse talent and diverse ideas. Inclusive leaders are best placed to tap into those benefits by allowing others to have a voice in decision making. This session will cover why inclusive leadership is the key to thriving in a diverse new world, the signature traits of inclusive leaders and the role unconscious bias can play in undermining diversity strategies, productivity, staff engagement and bottom-line profits.

Speakers: Mark Williams & Rachael Mason

Immigration – what you need to know

An election year normally means changes and new interpretations of immigration law.

The aim of our session will be to help attendees better understand the changing landscape and learn practical tips for making the immigration system work for them through a presentation, corporate case studies and audience driven conversation.

We will discuss recent changes to immigration law along with some of the common pitfalls and challenges facing employers who supplement their workforce with migrant workers.

This session serves to arm HR professionals with information that will help them identify and communicate changes to their organisation’s immigration strategy and enable them to work with their key stakeholders to develop a more effective approach to recruiting and managing their migrant workforce.

Speaker: Kim Rutherford

Culture of health – a recipe for business success

Join us to demystify workplace wellbeing – learn about international trends, local insights based on the most recent market research and actionable tips and advice for your workplace and your team.