Daniel Hummerdal

Daniel Hummerdal

Director of Safety Innovation, Art of Work

About the session:

Many management systems are based on the assumption that organisations will be successful when deviations have been eliminated. From this perspective, the most important contribution managers and leaders can give is to point out and correct when things or people deviate or otherwise do something wrong. This has a series of problematic effects for the way we engage people in the workplace.

This presentation will explain the need, opportunity and benefits for leaders to understand how things go right.

About the speaker:

After an initial career as commercial pilot, Daniel studied psychology. Since then, he has worked as accident investigator with the Swedish Civil Aviation Administration, as a Human Factors consultant with Dedale (France), Safety innovation leader in engineering, construction and mining, and been engaged in industrial safety research in Sweden, France and Australia.

Daniel is also the founder of www.safetydifferently.com