Sam Johnson

Sam Johnson

Co-founder, CEO, WeVisit

The Future of Social Connection

Today’s collaborative, open-source, distributive and highly networked world has transformed the way we connect with each other – but are we headed in the right direction? Deeply linked to personal growth, leadership and self-awareness, Sam’s presentation will focus on the role enmass mobilisations and everyday people have in dramatically changing narratives and sparking a new waves of civic mindedness. It’s Sam’s pleasure to share with you his inspirational journey from the Student Volunteer Army to his social enterprise WeVisit and to share some practical techniques, tools and lessons that he uses in NZ and around the world to enable people to solve problems in new and not so new ways.

Sam Johnson is the co-founder of WeVisit and Adjunct Fellow in the School of Education and Leadership at the University of Canterbury. Most well known for founding the Student Volunteer Army after the Christchurch earthquakes and for his work in the international disaster risk community, Sam returned home in 2016 to develop a social enterprise called ‘WeVisit that connects and shared skills between generations.

Sam has been previously named a Young New Zealander of the Year award, Communicator of the Year and is #17 on the Readers Digest Most Trusted New Zealanders list. He is a member of the Ministry of Youth Development Partnership board, Westpac Sustainability Advisory Board and Secretary of the International Association of Volunteer Effort.