Vivek Chaudhri

Vivek Chaudhri

Academic Director of Executive MBA programs at the Melbourne Business School

About the session:

The world, we are told, is changing rapidly. Innovate or die! Disruption is the catchall phrase for firms around the world. Examples abound of successful companies and industries that have been found wanting, either due to hubris, poor planning and strategy or an inability to conceive of futures that nimble new entrants then exploit. Successful firms such as Google, Facebook, Apple, Amazon, Airbnb and Uber are rightly lauded for changing and innovating in everything from the product and process space to the very underlying business models. But the recent troubles of Uber (and others in the tech space) demonstrate that to effectively navigate turbulent uncertain futures require organisational leadership not just strategic capability. How should tomorrow’s leaders manage the transformation of their organisations? How do we ensure an organisational architecture that encourages a contestability of ideas to envisage and realise strategic opportunity? The challenge lies in balancing the import of the clarity of vision without suffering a homogeneity of thought.

Vivek’s areas of research interest include leadership, business strategy, innovation, finance and policy design. He has worked extensively with the Victorian and federal governments on the design of auction formats and market methods in a number of different policy realms. He has also been actively involved in the strategy consulting arena, negotiations and bidding, having advised the Boards and senior management of many private and public institutions, in Australia and internationally, on issues ranging from real options in valuations to designing organisational architectures.

Prior to joining MBS, Vivek worked at Monash University and has held visiting academic appointments at the Australian Graduate School of Management, the Productivity Commission, UCLA and Yale University.

Vivek has a first class honours degree in economics from the ANU and a PhD in economics from Yale University.