Amy Prebble

Amy Prebble

Amy Prebble

Our changing workforce and the rise of flexible work | Getaflex | CEO & Founder

Topic: Our changing workforce and the rise of flexible work

New Zealand’s workforce is changing: with an ageing population, more women working, and new technology transforming the way that we work.  As a result of these megatrends, people are increasingly wanting to work outside the traditional office-based, Monday-to-Friday, 9-to-5 model.  In this session, Getaflex founder and flexible work advocate Amy Prebble will explore why the normalisation of flexible work is important for everyone.

About Amy…

Amy Prebble is the CEO and founder of GetaflexLaunched in 2018, Getaflex is a NZ-grown job platform providing flexible work for all professionals.  Getaflex is not just a business, but a movement for change – with a mission to enable all people in Aotearoa to progress a professional, flexible career.  The platform is being supported by leading partner employers including Vodafone, ANZ, Aurecon, Transpower, The University of Auckland and The Treasury.

Amy is a Cambridge graduate and former New Zealand diplomat, who served overseas in Canberra and Paris.  She spent two years as Private Secretary to then Foreign Minister, Phil Goff.  She also ran a consulting business focused on international policy and strategy projects.

Amy became passionate about quality part-time and flexible work when she became a mother of three children.  She was astounded by the lack of advertised job opportunities for professional workers like herself to advance a career and raise a family.  As she began researching flexible work, it quickly became clear that New Zealand’s workforce was changing, and many people wanted to work outside the traditional office-bound, 9-to-5 working week.  Getaflex was founded in response to this demand, with the goal to build New Zealand’s flexible job market, and create an ‘on-ramp’ for professional job-seekers into quality flexible work.