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Andrew Barnes

Andrew Barnes

The 4 Day Week: a simple idea on a global stage | Perpetual Guardian - Founder

Topic: The 4 Day Week: a simple idea on a global stage

On a long flight to the UK in December 2017, Andrew Barnes read an Economist article about the productivity of office workers in the UK and Canada and came up with a genuinely original idea. He would give his 240 staff at Perpetual Guardian one day off per week, on full pay, in exchange for their maintaining their usual levels of output. He intended it to be a staff-led trial which would test the effects of a productivity-focused, reduced-hour model of work on wellbeing, loyalty, productivity and engagement (spoiler: they all went up). The uniqueness of the experiment led to global media, political and business interest which, 18 months since the brainwave on the plane, has catalysed a worldwide campaign to make the four-day week the future of work. Hear how Andrew’s idea become a reality at Perpetual Guardian and how widespread adoption of this new way of working is fit for the 21st century and may be part of the answer to the crises facing human and planetary health.

Innovator, entrepreneur and philanthropist Andrew Barnes has made a career of market-changing innovation and industry digitisation. Most recently, in New Zealand, Andrew triggered a revolution of the entire fiduciary and legal services industries, and the transformation he has led as the founder of Perpetual Guardian has positive implications both locally and globally (as evidenced by his announcement of the four-day week, which made, and continues to make, headlines around the world).

About Andrew…

Andrew is the director of Coulthard Barnes; chair of New Zealand payroll provider PaySauce; and chair of Regional Facilities Auckland. Earlier in his career, Andrew identified the opportunity for the evolution of real estate in Australia and was chairman of at the time of its IPO on the ASX. Later he became CEO of Bestinvest, a US$5.7 billion, UK-based investment management and advisory company, leading the sale to private capital in 2007. He was managing director of Australian Wealth Management Limited, a major Australian wealth management and trustee business that he led to IPO in 2005. Andrew holds an MA from Selwyn College, Cambridge and an ACIB (UK), and has attended the Programme for Management Development at Harvard Business School.

Andrew saved the historic classic racing yacht Ariki from near-ruin by purchasing her and undertaking an extensive restoration project. In April 2018, Ariki was re-launched at the New Zealand Maritime Museum in Auckland, where she is now berthed.

A sought-after keynote speaker, Andrew is regularly asked to address local and international audiences on subjects as diverse as governance, philanthropy, business leadership, entrepreneurship, company culture and change management.