Chris O’Reilly

Chris O’Reilly

Chris O’Reilly

Diversity & Inclusion: What are we missing? | AskYourTeam - CEO

Topic: Diversity & Inclusion: What are we missing?

Diversity and Inclusion is a hot topic in HR right now, but has anyone really cracked it in terms of building a truly diverse and inclusion organisation? Ask Your Team CEO Chris O’Reilly believes that
diversity and inclusion could be the greatest untapped source of increased productivity for Kiwi organisations, but our limited understanding of the true dimensions of diversity has been holding us back. Chris argues that realising the diversity dividend requires a new understanding of diversity that extends beyond demographic diversity to embrace diversity of thinking as well. This leads us into how different thinking styles can complement each other, and what style makes the best leader (it might surprise you!).

Chris O’Reilly suggests Kiwi leaders should change their approach to leadership in order to truly reap the gains from diversity and inclusion for their organisations. He says it’s time to move away from command and control leadership towards a new model that he calls leadership by involvement. The key to building this new model into the DNA of our organisations requires a combination of two things – a shift in many leaders’ attitudes, and the intelligent use of technology.

About Chris…

Chris O’Reilly was the inaugural winner of the NZIM NZ Young Executive of the Year, and has since held several Chief Executive Officer and General Manager positions across a range of key industries including passenger transport, banking & finance, health care, and fast food including Red Bus, Citbank, Ascot Hospital and KFC.

Chris brings over a decade of experience of developing organisational strategic plans, doing governance reviews and helping companies and leaders with their communication and involvement
initiatives, allowing him to gain deep and truly intimate insights into New Zealand organisations and Kiwi leaders.

Today, Chris is the CEO and Co-Founder of AskYourTeam, a disruptive technology company, revolutionising the Organisational and Leadership performance space.