Mark Williams

Mark Williams

Mark Williams

Lifting the lid on immigration policy changes | Lane Neave - Partner

Topic: Lifting the lid on immigration policy changes

Immigration New Zealand has signaled big changes on the horizon for Kiwi employers.

We anticipate the wave of new rules and regulations will be made public shortly before the HRNZ conference. Our team will put together a comprehensive overview of all the changes and provide practical advice about how to navigate the new immigration law landscape.

If there’s a delay with the announcement, we’ll help get you ahead of the curve for when they do get formally announced by providing our insights about proposed changes. We will still provide a comprehensive session with an overview of immigration law, visa categories and how the proposed changes will impact employers across a range of sectors and regions, together with some practical tips on how to make the system work for your business.

This is the perfect session for HR Managers who are looking to be prepared and increase their confidence when dealing with immigration in the workplace.

The course will be co-presented by New Zealand’s leading immigration experts, Mark Williams and Rachael Mason.


About Mark…

Mark is an internationally recognised immigration expert and a leader in the most respected immigration legal practice in New Zealand.

He has successfully represented private and corporate immigration clients in every aspect of immigration law, and has particular strength in providing high level strategic advice to corporate employers.

Mark is a recognised thought leader in the field of New Zealand immigration law and is a regular speaker and panelist at conferences and events on New Zealand immigration matters. Mark is an Adjunct Professor of Law at the University of Victoria (Melbourne), and is the conveyor of the New Zealand Immigration and Refugee Law Committee of the New Zealand Law Society.

Mark’s insight and views are often sought by Immigration New Zealand when reviewing existing policy, and his commentary following new policy has assisted many employers successfully navigate significant policy changes. He is also regularly invited to provide comment and offer his opinion in the media on immigration matters.