Sean Sampayo

Sean Sampayo

Sean Sampayo

The Power of Potential | Cornerstone - Head of Product

Topic: The Power of Potential:
“How the fourth industrial revolution is driving change in New Zealand businesses and why it’s important to prepare employees with the skills they need to adapt to these changes.

What powers your business? At Cornerstone, we believe it’s “the power of potential” within every single employee. If you tap into the power of potential amongst your workforce, you can do amazing things.

Sean Sampayo, Head of Product (SMB Products) at Cornerstone will discuss the power of potential and how to best harness the potential of your people to drive engagement, reduce employee churn and improve business results

Sean will share his own career experiences, including how companies and leaders he has worked for have harnessed his potential and enabled him to learn and gain new skills. He’ll also speak about the 5 for 20 Challenge – Cornerstone’s initiative to enable the potential of our people through continuous learning and development and how he has implemented this in his team.


  • What is the fourth industrial revolution and how is it impacting talent management for New Zealand business?
  • Why a tight labour market in New Zealand means more businesses need to look within and harness the potential of current employees, enabling them to learn and gain new skills.
  • How businesses can implement innovative talent practices can harness the potential of their people and transform the employee experience.
  • Talent practices can harness the potential of their people and transform the employee experience.

About Sean…

Sean Sampayo is the Head of Product for SMB at Cornerstone. He spends his time at work helping small businesses realize the full potential of their talent management strategies to help them keep pace with an ever-evolving employment landscape. Based out of Cornerstone’s Auckland offices, he runs a team of passionate designers, developers & product managers, all focused on building a next generation talent experience platform to support teams in the future of work.